Boggy Harlee 83S

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Boggy Harlee 83S All-rounder GT Casting Rod.

The Boggy Harlee 83S was built for targeting big GTs. The rod is a great all-rounder for the use of a mixture of poppers and stickbaits(floating and sinking). The use of a 8-axis carbon blank make the rod very strong and you can really feel the power this rod is capable of delivering to the fish. The Boggy Harlee 83S will give you confidence in a fight when pulling against  fish in shallow water!!


Length: 8'3" (251cm)

Weight: 403g

Line Weight: PE #6-10

Cast Weight: 80-140 (Max 180g)

Sections: 2 piece Butt Join

Packed Length: 183cm

Butt Length: 79cm


Completely armed with the latest 8 axis carbon cloth material! 

Boggy has adopted the 8-axis carbon material to surpass the industry standard 4-axis carbon which is regarded as high quality! Torsional strength and shape restoring force etc; are dramatically improved from the previous blanks. It now embodies unparalleled potential. 

Unsanded blanks are used to maintain maximum strength in the rod.
The reel seat adopts a locking nut system to prevent the reel becoming loose while fishing. 

Boggy has released the first three offshore casting models and a 10 foot large blue shore casting rod! 

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