Hots Gipang Boil Shot 77XXXH

$726.36 (Ex. GST)

Hots Gipang Boil Shot 77XXXH

The 77XXXH is the strongest model of the Hots Boil Shot range which is designed to catch 150kg Bluefin tuna. This rod has been thoroughly designed and tested to maximize fighting power as well as being comfortable on the angler in a long drawn out Tuna battle. Although this rod is rated with some serious specs being designed for tuna fighting the tip is quite forgiving with plenty of down low power to stop even the most stubborn mid water tuna. This rod can also be used for all topwater applications including GT's and XL dogtooth tuna.

Made in Japan!!

Length: 7'7" (232cm)

Weight: 410g

Line Weight: PE 12

Lure Weight: 250g

Sections: 2 pce Butt Joint

Packed Length: 156cm

Butt Length: 84cm


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Additional Info

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