Hots Gipang Boil Shot 83H Stickbait Rod

$726.36 (Ex. GST)

Gipang Boil Shot 83H Stickbait Rod by Hots

The Boil Shot is a dedicated tuna fighting machine. The fast taper give the rod an nice springy tip section, perfect for getting the best out of your stickbaits. Once the rod bends to the stripper guide it really stiffens up into an extremely powerful bottom end this giving great control over fish and makes lifting giant yellowfin and bluefin tuna a much easier task.

As well as tuna we think the Boil Shot will be great for putting the breaks on large kingfish and casting medium stickbaits at GT. It'll also work really well on the reef casting smaller lures for dino coral trout.

Length: 8'3"

Weight: 385g

Line Weight: PE# 6

Cast Weight: Best 40 - 110g Max 120g

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 178cm

Butt Length: 82cm

Additional Info

Additional Info

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